URLConnection problem (mine)

I am doing something wrong and can’t see it. Need new pair of eyes.

Dim lastd As String=lastUpdate.SQLDate
BoCSite.Send(“GET” , URLstr)

Compile error for the Send line of code:
There is more than one method with this name but this does not match the available signatures.

What class is BoCSite? Assuming the smart-quotes came from Discourse and not your code, everything looks okay there. My only guess is the type definitions you didn’t include for URLstr and BoCSite.

Sorry for incomplete information. Class BoCSite is a URLConnection class. URLstr is a string. lastUpdate is DateTime class. You are correct, my code has straight quotes.

After replacing the smart quotes (both sets) it compiles fine for me. Are you sure BoCSite is a URLConnection object?

Also, what Xojo version are you using, and on which OS?

The issue turns out to be something weird with the IDE. I dragged the URLConnection from the Library to a window (I thought) and it put the URLConnection instance into a Module. I was OK with that so I left it there. The compiler didn’t like it there but it gave the non-informative error message. I put the URLConnection into the window I wanted it to be in originally and it works now.