Upload to App Store Failed

I am trying to deploy a Swift app to TestFlight…
I have created a bundle id and registered it on AppleConnect
and I go thru all the Xcode steps… it gets to UPLOAD and errors out with

App Store Connect Operation Error
No suitable application records were found.  Verify your bundle identifer 
'sisemore.simpletracker2020' is correct

which as far as I can tell it IS correct

this is what is in Xcode “Bundle Identifier”
this is what is registered in Apple Connect

the bundle identifier usually is like
„com.apple.calculator“ oder „com.apple.gamecenter“ etc.
Maybe you need to add „com.“ at the beginning of your current identifier?

nope… tried that… same error…

The App Store is having serious problems at the moment. Judging by the number of issues reported in the Developer Forums and reports that problems have been going on for at 3 weeks, I’d say it’s reaching critical mass and maybe likely to keel over completely.

For me personally, I’ve had a heck of time with In-App-Purchase failures this year, normally I wouldn’t care less, except that Apple is refusing to sell my latest app until it works with In-App-Purchase.

  1. Auto Renewing Subscriptions don’t “Auto-Renew”; I resorted to re-writing the entire handling code, to capture more data, and present the customer with various options should they experience this. It doesn’t matter, because Apple rejected my usage of Auto-Renewing subscriptions, so all that time and work was wasted.
  2. Non-Renewing subscriptions are not extendable on a brand new 16" MacBook Pro. So after the first period, customers can no longer use my software, I’ve been dealing with 3 different departments over this matter (as they don’t communicate internally), one department blames my network connection and another thinks the machine is faulty.
  3. All machines running macOS 10.15.4 now produce a endless log-in loop when I inform Apple that I’ve completed the transaction, this one seems mostly cosmetic as far as I can tell, things are actually working.

Problem 2 only occurs on this 16" MacBook Pro.
Problem 3 doesn’t occur on macOS 10.14.6 or macOS 10.11.6.

I finally got things to work… I had to make a “skeleton” entry in “My Apps”… try out about 100 variations of provisioning profiles (it kept wanting to make Dev not Dist)

But hopefully the combo I have now will stay connected properly.

My Dev account renews in about 3 weeks… hoping it will be transparent :slight_smile:


WOW !!!
Its a requirement ?

It’s not a requirement as per say. All I know is that I got flagged as an App Spammer and had to pull down almost all of my apps from the App Store, I didn’t mind so much because I thought they’d let me sell my latest app there, except they didn’t.

Basically we had 3 versions of the existing application.

  1. A FREE one.
  2. A Cheap one ($9.99).
  3. A all-signing all-dancing version ($39.99).

This is considered App Spamming. In order to get the latest all-singing all-dancing version in the App Store, it has to be combined with one of the other two.

Pointing out that I’ve seen other companies do this or even worse, sell version 1, version 2 & version 3. Doesn’t help, neither does pointing out that I’ve seen other devs allowed to use auto-renewing subscription for other things than streaming services.

It’s been an absolute horrible experience, and if I didn’t need the money, I’d just walk away from developing Apple software. I’ve been getting the feeling for some time that Mac developers are no longer welcome, I keep kidding myself that once I get over this issue, it’ll be better, except I’ve not been able to get my app into the app store since July 2019.

Oh and this for the app that won a Xojo Design Award this year.

Oh I do recall reading about this
Shitty from Apple

Apple doesnt care about Xojo one way or the other
That much I’m pretty sure of
If Xojo went awayApple wouldnt notice

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Do you have an iOS version to compare with macOS applications ?

During my last visit to the brick Apple Store in Strasbourg, I had the feeling I was a secondary (or worse) buyer because I was talking about MacBook Pro; some years ago. :frowning:

Hey Emile,
I don’t. Currently this is application is a desktop app, as it’s design doesn’t translate very well to a small screen. Check out machdr.com

And yeah, I get the feeling that either this issue isn’t being taken seriously, or that I’m not being taken seriously. Awaiting to see if there’s any final tests before shipping it back.

I do it again, Sam.

I asked a question and retain a part of it in my beard ! Sorry.

The question was about a difference between iOS and Desktop treatment by the Apple “controllers”: a better reception when one presents an iOS application vs a Desktop one.


No need to apologize.

For me personally, I don’t see this, but I also haven’t visited a brick and mortar store for years, due to the lack of products that I’m interested in.

The only evidence I have to hand right now, is that my bug (which breaks In-App-Purchase subscriptions) is most likely in the OS core which is shared across all their operating systems. I see in the developer forums reports of other developer targeting iOS having a similar (if not identical issue) and further more there are reports from developers indicating that their customers subscriptions are not being renewed and encountering issues when attempting to do so. Which is my fear, and it appears true.

My guess is that Apple doesn’t care less about the Mac than iOS, it’s just that Apple cares more about maximizing profit over the quality of the product, which is a very bad sign for a company of this magnitude. The more they push to produce their product cheaply, the more customers will be disappointed and less likely to choose Apple products in the future.

I’d be willing to overlook the cheapness of this 16" MacBook Pro, if I were able to use it for macOS development, but I am not and Apple asked me to make a decision to either keep a machine that doesn’t work or give it back.

Very interesting app!

I will defenitely be a customer.

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