Updated and new repos

Updated the bevel button replacement as I had a bug reported (first one in 3 years)

And posted a new repo - a “default starter for desktop projects”

it contains a TON of code accumulated from forum posts and such over the years
It IS highly Mac centric but additions are welcome


Thank you Mr. @npalardy

Thanks Norman,
Just downloaded to see what I can use in the future. There is one line of code needing change.
In Preferences module FontandColorTheme class asXML method the line
Strings.append MakeEntry( nameOf(Members.CodeEditorFont), str(CodeEditorFont ) )
should be
Strings.append MakeEntry( nameOf(Members.CodeEditorFont), CodeEditorFont )

Ah Str on a string wont hurt it

its as if Str( string ) is coded as

    if input_parameter isa string
         return input_parameter
   end if

Using Xojo 2022 r1.1 on MacOS Catalina I get an error when I try to run. Says “Parameter “value” expects type String, but this is type Int32”

thats exactly may set up and I dont

I guess the Alberta air is different than the Ontario air. This problem is way above my pay grade.

No idea as in an empty project this complies & runs

Dim s As String = "123"
Dim s1 As String = Str(s)

nevertheless I have made that tiny change and committed it so the repository is updated

Also doesn’t run in windows.


You have double 0 at the end of the string you build which is reassembled differently in the split. You’ll need to drop the additional 0 from the write and the last entry of the split from the read.

Not really sure why you are string building with 0’s when you can go via a wstring which does this for you.

All this in WriteStringArray:

Dim value As String 

For i As Integer = 0 To arr.Ubound
  If i > 0 Then
    value = value + ChrB(0)
  End If
  value = value + arr(i)
value = value + ChrB(0) + ChrB(0)

Dim mbValue As memoryblock = value

reg.Value(key) = mbValue

can be replaced with

Dim value As String 

For Each s As String In arr()
  value = value + CType(s, WString)
Next s

reg.Value(key) = CType(value, MemoryBlock)

then don’t forget to drop the last entry of the split on the read.

Here’s a perfect opportunity to submit fixes to something useful to a lot of people

Fork repo
Make fixes
Commit them
Submit pull request and I’ll merge your changes


I get a 404 error - has it moved somewhere else?

Had some private complaints so I made the repo private :frowning:

11 posts were split to a new topic: Using try catch to test valid sql date

Yet another repo with useful code from @Stretch327

New repos

Updated my kitchen sink project today

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Updated my kitchen sink project today

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