Can we uninstall 2020 and install it again?
this version has a virus

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Depends. Have the “creators” released a new version?

Has a virus ?
says who ?

says WHO and hundreds of other organizations :smiley:


The WHO is not really a very reliable source, unless you are looking for Chinese propaganda.

Don’t you think?

as compared to ???

This whole line about the WHO being a Chinese mouth piece is silly
The US funded the WHO and had vastly more influence over the years than China has

  1. dont believe the president - he lies all the time and councils stupid moves like drinking isopropyl alcohol and has since the say he become president (actually before that but …)
  2. quit watching fox “news” at least hannity etc as they arent “news” (neither are a lot of hosts on msnbc, cnn etc)

I do think. And because I do, I don’t think that.


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fwiw you could probably see the airplane clear my head and hear the whoosh of the jets as that one initially went over my head :stuck_out_tongue:

As a skeptical Canadian i try to confirm as much as I can on my own because I trust neither China or the US Government (at least not the White House) anymore

However I DO trust my provincial and national governments and they have been saying many of the exact same things the WHO has been

And I do try and step out of my news bubble so I listen to nbc, cbc, bbc, npr, and even al jazeera from time to time

Trump haters take him literally but not seriously.

Trump supporters take him seriously but not literally.

I take him seriously… and what he represent scares the heck out of me for the future of this country if it dominates.

He shows levels of stupidly and self serving I did not think possible.



My mother used to tell me “Behave yourself or I’ll slap you into next year.” I wonder if the option is still on the table.

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So you take him literally but not seriously.

I gather he is too inept to seize the reins of power that the entire government seems to want to thrust on him.

The worst dictator in the history of the planet, I guess, so far.

Excepting those who did take hydroxychloroquine
Or that phoned the poison controls centers around the country asking if they could safely drink household disinfectants (yes several state governors reported they got lots of calls - more than usual)
And Lysol had to make a statement as did the CDC saying “Please do not do this”

He’s not serious - he quite literally says one thing and then the next day tells you he said something else
He was talking directly to Dr Birx the other day directly looking right at her, by name.
And said perhaps the most assinine thing I have ever heard
And the next day “Oh I was being sarcastic in response to a reports question”
NO reporter had asked him a question

You cant seriously watch this LIVE and take the man serious in any way ?

The rest of the G7 leaders have figured out how to deal with him - ignore him because he’s a buffoon and is turning the USA into a laughing stock

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Did not mean for this to become a political issue…
And I will keep my opinion about the Moron sitting in the Oval Office to myself.

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You don’t get to tell me what i think.

He won an election as a divider. He applies to teh worst instincts of people to try and remain in power. He does not have a high school understanding of science and too prideful to listen to people who know more than he does… he thinks he is teh teh smartest person in everything… No one is…

He is too inept and he takes competent people out of positions to replace them with yes men…

He did not want to take the virus seriously for a long time because he thought it would hurt his re-election …

he buys into outrageous conspiracy theories with no evidence … Initially I thought it was just a political tactic… but now I not so sure.



I gather I am not as good at reading a Persons heart. Nor am I privy to what goes on behind closed doors.

I understand that you may be both.

Until that’s proved, I will just have to say that religious discussions are never solved by facts. People have their beliefs, and that is all they really need.

This not about religion but about facts… and there i not need of heart reading… Just observing actions, and having some understanding of basic science and statistics…

By education and career I am a scientist and value object fact… and for those who have an open mind the facts are as plain as gravity.

I notice instead of trying to rebut what i say with provable facts you ascribe what I say to religion… I am willing to examine any facts you present that prove me wrong.

I would research them and the cite the reasons why I agree or disagree with you what you bring up… exactly the opposite of religious argument…


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The only thing related to religion here is the fact the it is the one thing other than politics that one cannot usually discuss rationally…

That being said… I’m going to now leave this topic… that I THOUGHT was going to add some levity to the day… but I was obviously quite mistaken

What facts would convince you you were wrong?

We don’t have a media any longer, so the ‘facts’ we get there are unreliable.

You are not operating on facts you are operating on your feelings. Of course, you believe that your feelings are facts, we all do that, I believe it is part of the human condition.

Itis a religious discussion in as much as nothign will sway you (or I) of our base beliefs.