TOF: You must to know JS, HTML and CSS to develop for web! Really?

I’d say that HAVING to touch html ,css, js when using Xojo is like having to write assembler for Xojo desktop
In an IDEAL world it wouldnt be necessary - but we know we’re not living there
But it would be nice to see Xojo make larger strides towards making it unnecessary (but not impossible) to do


Today there’s a need. Newbies reading the marketing content expect just write Xojo code and have it working, without to know the details of the underlying web technologies; as Dart does for the front-end.

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TBH that is EXACTLY what Xojo promises :slight_smile:

Thats what they dont deliver - yet
At least not yet in web 2 as there are stil a significant # of issues

On the desktop you can skip needing to know the vast majority of desktop OS details
No one NEEDS to know assembler to write a desktop app.
I shouldnt NEED to know html css js etc to write a web app

Thats what should be true on Web, but isnt, yet.


Well, that answer i mine, thank you :joy:.

ideally this should be true, but do we live in that world? Is there really a serius web dev tool that completely shield you from doing some web tech? I dont know one at least.

Has xojo really promised to shield you from this? I dont think so.

I beleive that if you want to do web, then at least have the guts to learn a little about the field you are entering.

I dont use xojo anymore, do web via B4J, because Xojo cant eally do web…

the quote I posted IS from their web site description of Xojo web

Does it actually shield you - no
Would it be nice if it could - sure
Are there tools that do ? I dont know. Some do a better job of it than others but I dont know every tool on the planet so …

right, but my point is: if you write software for web, you should know something about the platform

FileMaker WebDirect.

In what sense ?

For instance with Xojo I can write software for Windows without knowing Windows in great detail
It HELPS to know something about the UI conventions etc to follow those - undoubtedly
But you dont have to know Windows API’s in detail to write for it

Same for MacOS

But “html js css” are the “os api level” stuff IMHO that ideally I should have to know in great detail to be able to use a tool like Xojo & Xojo Web

No ?

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yes, you are right of course. I can only speak for myself, as we all do. And I like to know some details about the platform I write software for.

But you dont need to… thats correct

Extremely useful to know those things ? definitely
Required to ? would be nice to not need to

but we’re not in nirvana yet :stuck_out_tongue:

If by “Web Tech” you mean what the post arguments (HTML, CSS and JS), the answer is also in the post as shown in the video. Flutter/Dart is platform agnostic, you instruct it on what you want, and it does all the necessary magic using the underlying tech to materialize your intents. The downside? You need to learn it.

I am totally disinterested in what goes on underneath Web, as you suggest not needing to know is very important to me.

if there is no solution to desktop>web app (which is what I always expected from xojo, and it partly delivered) then I am in a waiting loop for such a tool.