TOF: FileMaker to Xojo web app

“In particular, the lack of communication and clarity in what the future holds with FM. And also the lack of innovation on the platform, in particular from the developer standpoint.”

…and they think they’ll have that with Xojo??

:thinking: … beginners see lots of language changes and think that must be what progress looks like …

Well, at least we now know what all that renaming was for … :roll_eyes:

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If you think Xojo are bad - FileMaker is another level of confusion, anger and disappointment. Many opportunities here for Xojo to market themselves as an alternative to FM.

I’ve used both extensively over the last few years (for very different projects). Both have their significant irritations, so I wouldn’t jump from one to the other hoping for less problems or irritations.
My current projects are not using either.

Possibly but they’re in vastly different camps
Xojo has nothing like FM’s drag drop & its connected to your db right away
And FM’s scripting is nothing like Xojo’s language

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