TOF : Can’t run IOS simulator in Xojo 2018 R4 with XCode 9.0

friedrich boettger

Yes, I certainly have, and XCode 9.0 seems to have once played nicely with Xojo 2018 R4 by the documentation. I am obviously missing something. I am certainly not an authority on XCode, having ceased my efforts with Swift when version 3 deprecated the incremental operator, a blow so crushing and seemingly arbitrary I dropped the language like a hot copy of Photoshop (I didn’t like the Core Data model anyway).

He is failing to realize a few things. most which had in fact be mentioned in priort posts.

  1. Can Xojo 2018r4 work with Xcode?
    Yes… given the correct version of Xcode (if that is 9 or not I do not know)
  2. If an app is created this way, will it be able to be deployed?
    Absolutly NOT. All current deployements must use the SDK14 as a minimum

So regardless of what the OP wants, an upgrade of both Xojo and Xcode are required.

As to his reasons for leaving Swift… Its a “crushing blow” to have X++ removed? (oh, and you can use X+=1 in its place)… To me Xojo dealt a “crushing blow” with the beginning of the API2 fiasco, and decisons since.

I am still amazed that people think there is an advantage to using Xojo for iOS… but that is not my problem anymore :slight_smile:

He says he do not have an iOS license. Can he run an iOS project ?
(regardless of the used version)


Frustratingly, some while back I had a one-line fix to apply to a free app in the App store.
It became impossible to build for App store due to Apple insisting on a newer Xcode, but I could run in simulator fine.

(long rant about iOS pricing, upgrade pricing, and claims about ‘buy once, build forever’ removed here)

Your supposed to be able to RUN any kind of project
Your license restricts what you can BUILD

“All Xojo licenses include access to new releases and features for 12 months. After that, keep building with any existing release, indefinitely. You can extend your license with a renewal or buy a new license anytime to get access to new releases and features!”

Its not true of iOS.
And an iOS renewal costs pennies difference from a full ‘never seen you before’ rate.
(Which is 4 times as much as a never-expires Windows desktop license, for example. )

But now Im putting back much of the rant I removed… :wink:

I did find slightly amusing the comment in TOF about ‘throwing good money after bad’, since as far as I could tell no money had actually been thrown anywhere.

Not sure if I have ever mentioned this before… But Apple offers Swift for FREE (no hassles with Xcode versions, because they too are FREE)… but then some people just love pain I guess

Yeah some of the changing in requirements is outside Xojo’s control
If apple says “all new submissions must be built with the ios 14 sdk” then its not that you can no longer BUILD the app - you cant submit it because of apple requirement
OS updates are similar - if Xcode 9 wont run on macOS 10.15 thats not Xojo’s doing

Where they might do better is if you update Xcode it would be nice if that didnt also force you to update Xojo. However, Apple does change Xcode in ways that make it incompatible with old versions of Xojo by changing API’s etc.

IF Xojo made the portion of Xojo that drives Xcode a plugin then they could ship a new plugin for a new version of Xcode that worked with older versions of Xojo
THAT is something they control

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