TOF: API2 DesktopListbox.ActiveTextControl events handler?

What am I missing here? Why is he not simply using the event (eg ListBox.CellTextChange) in the Listbox (that is triggered anyway) to call his method? Or put his code in the event?

I kind of understand the desire
There are some things the text edit control that gets used shields you from catching at all
And it would be nice to be able to add handler to that text edit control to be able to react to some
However, this has never worked
Its as if the event you get in the listbox itself happens BEFORE the active text control thats going to be used is created so even if its not nil, the one you can attach handlers TO is not the right one.
It would be nice if the ordering could/would be changed so you could add handlers to the right one and I think that feature request has languished for many years