There is an L missing


This badge is granted for visiting 100 consecutive days.

Shouldn’t that be Aflicionado … :roll_eyes:

guess I missed the “joke”? :pensive:

If I come here EVERY day for 100 days then it is probably more of an affliction …possibly OC …?

I have been looking at “houses for sale” websites for more than 100 consecutive days without success and that certainly feels painful …

@MarkusWinter: you are just too demanding. I call those houses “ranzige Gammelbuden”.

ranzig: rancid
gammel: garbage
bude: shack

And we have been looking in a distance about 100km around our current house.

I wish …

“The need to renovate is individual.” we were told by a realtor. The doors looked like they were hit by a battering ram. I wouldn’t have walked into the kitchen barefoot. Cleaning the bathroom seemed optional. Walking outside was dangerously uneven. The windows were already disintegrating. The owner wanted over 500k for the house which was way outside of any city.

Are things worse in down under?