The return of new Event names

With Xojo 2021r3, it’s the return of the strange new Events names (but not only)…

Example: no more Open Event:

Did you noticed the green highligth color (everywhere) ?

No, no, this is not a custom color that I choosed… or set ! it comes from Xojo.

Bei Xojo ist alles grün!

Yes, all Desktop* show the new events, you are using DesktopWindow here that’s why it says Opening and not Open.

Yes, they added the Green color highlight, from what I understand it is only shown in newer versions of macOS and not older (don’t know about Windows/Linux).

Its the worst Show of Stupidity I ever saw I have to say. Which difference it makes if it is the Open Event or the Opening Event? None. Nada. Nothing. It is irrelevant. But for the Programmer it is not. Cause he is used to the event names like they where written since a long time of Xojo history. They have Ideas but no Idea what they are doing.

It was this BS with stupid verbose names, and changing to all the event names that came with the original deployment of API2.0 that caused me to drop Xojo and walk away. At that time the community went on a rampage against the new event names, and finally got Xojo to relent and remove them. But obviously they didn’t listen in the long run and brought them all back.

I can’t imaging the POSTIVE changes Xojo could have made by now if they had taken all the effort that was wasted on new, meaningless names (none of which add any value), and expeneded it on fixing bugs instead.

Years ago I was banned from TOF by Geoff for calling him egotistical and arrogant… And to this day he had done NOTHING, to cause me to in any way change that opinion of him


According to one of the MVP’s this is necessary to “keep up with the times and not be left behind”. Don’t you know, Dave, that in the modern world of 2021 no one “deletes” files anymore, now we “remove” them!


Adding more modern language features would be doing that… Changing names not so much… all that does is break old well debugged code.

I assume they think changing names helps with marketing somehow … but I don’t see how having a lot of unhappy long time users is a plus!

I do have to wonder if, as was mentioned on the forum, they have lost the ability (or have enough resources) to really innovate…

For about my first 10 years of using RB/RS I remember waiting with anticipation for new releases expecting they would make me able to do more things more easily…

Let’s just say that over about the last 10 years that feeling has changed significantly.



I know the feelingIt were good times. Then the rebranding, the new framework, the nonsense changes… instead of real improvement

I started with RB in around 2006, having jumped from the Windows world, when the debacle called “VISTA” was released. And I was looking for something to use that was similar to VB6… And for many years I was very happy with RB/RS, but around the time they rebranded as “Xojo” things began to go south, with API2 being their “Vista”.

So at this time I am writing my own developement system which is a hybrid of BASIC and Swift, and uses Xcode as the compile engine. I actually have most of it “working”… it just needs tons of testing to make sure all the little things react properly.

I rarely use Xojo for anything anymore, and the more of my tool is working, the less I use Xojo

and to think in VB6, we had to “KILL” files

New names on framework classes dont fix the issues with the language not being modern

Esp since Xojo has even said they are the same just new names more than once

So where’s the “modernization” from that

Makes NO sense to me

Julia’s reply was ironic, but some people have trouble recognising irony (pretty much all the Dutch for starters)

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Wahaa there is somebody recognized the guys with the yellow license plate and the mobile home

My parents-in-law are Dutch, and so is my wife (at least genetically) - none of them gets sarcasm or irony … at all … and neither do their Dutch friends and relatives … so I have come to the conclusion that they miss the gene for it …

Sorry for that, I had a Dutch Girlfriend before many years. She had humor but no sense for sarcasm. Not even a bit. Possibly we have the same kind of genetical inheritance in dutch persons analyzed and maybe we don’t get their form of sarcasm. Maybe.

Yup, they have that and like to laugh a lot.

Nope. They don’t have it. Not even a little. And I should know as I’m a really sarcastic sod at times … which goes right past them, and then I have to explain that THAT wasn’t really a question to be answered … they really cramp my style … :wink:

Good luck. But: they have Humor and they learn fast to deal with your sarcastic character. I mean: she got married to you though…

:thinking: … yeeees … and somehow my official job title is “House Elf” now … :roll_eyes:

Why having Opening but not Painting? Or even better Paintering to be even more better. But according to the Xojo forum being critical is now whining.

Dealing with the changed event names is easy. I changed all event definitions from Open to myOpen and finished. What is absolutely terrible are the other 1200 changes I need to do. And they are mostly like the silly AddRecord changes.


What do you expect? It is Xojo. New Release: renamed Events. Making fun and tons of Work for? Ah. For nothing.

Xojo: the ‘one’ language that can have a couple of syntax ‘favors’ in one project. :grin: You either decide to keep depreciated stuff in your project and have such a mix, or you spend tons of time (and money) on doing pointless conversions to be up-to-date with the latest release (until the next one). Xojo should have an url where you can upload the bills for doing such conversions. Maybe then they would realize what impact their decisions have to their users. Probably would be ignored anyway…