The joy of updates

I recently made a small update to a ProBono application created with Xojo 1 (2013) and running in a Charitable Association since 2013.

The user call me yesterday saying he cannot update any more a Record: the software add a new Record, it does not update the current one.

I meet him an hour ago and he told me AVAST was in fault, complaining about “this software want to do an operation…“ (I do not saw the information window). He does not told me when AVAST was installed in this internetless computer (or did it have now an internet access ?)

I told him about what I read about Catalina and Big Sur: the user must grant any bit of change (or even authorize access to folders)… he was not aware of that.

There must be too many Frenchies in the Silicon Valley ! I have the habit to say “In France, you can do things that are not prohibited” instead of “This is a free country”.
You need an ID card to walk in the streets.
You must not have money in your pockets and worst do not go out of the border (and come back) with that cash: customs may takes it. (starting at 10,000€)
Some bank may ask you from where do you get the cash you want to deposit (starting cash value unknow)…
You cannot pay with cash a good whose value is >1,000€.
You cannot pay an employee with cash…
Restrictions exists on the use of drones (not in any city, not around house, …) and I do not talks drones that took photos or videos…

I am quite sure that in your country - yes, the country of the reader - there are also some use restrictions. But not at this degree: you better not buy one !

Curious why you refer to it as Xojo 1
That never was its name - Its Xojo 2013 release 1 (or release 2 etc)