TextInputCanvas bug?

That you CAN catch the “noop:” means that in the system default keybinding set up for Text Input Ctrl / has no bound command

There is a way to alter that though :slight_smile:


Huh. Is that a native Mac app that lets you change the bindings or something you’ve written?

By “Nope” do you mean there’s no way on windows to catch Ctrl-/?

This particular tool is one that I downloaded

Apple uses a plist recently for default keyboard mappings


Lots of handy info in there

I’m not certain how you’d set up per app specific bindings on the fly as I dont think each view in the view hierarchy responds to performKeyEquivalent: which would let your custom TIC handle whatever keys are NOT already bound


As for Windows I dont know of any way to catch the key press if TIC isnt calling anything in the TIC already

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