Strange Xojo quit [another NOE]```

While Not rs.eof
  Dim tempStr As String = rs.field("path").StringValue
  debug ">>>>> "+tempStr
  tempImg.Path = GetFolderItem(tempStr,FolderItem.PathTypeNative)

// these lines NEVER EXECUTE
  debug "Path = "+tempImg.path.NativePath
  debug "OK"
>>>>> /Users/davidsisemore/Desktop/test.png

that is the path and that files DOES exist

this all worked and wasn’t touched for days now :frowning:

You’re on an ARM Mac, right?
Are you getting a dialog asking permission to access the desktop?

If not, the Xojo version isn’t ad-hoc signing your debug executable. You’ll need to add your own ad-hoc (or normal if you don’t want to be asked every time) sign step.