Starting a Metro app from Xojo

OK so a client has an app that permits you to pick which app to use to view some content

Basically you can pick a paint program for some, or browser like Chrome etc to view html/css content.

We’d like to add a couple from Windows 10
But they’re metro apps which means you dont locate the exe and just run them like you do other apps

In Edge’s case if you do go looking for registry entries for it or just search Windows 10 you get a boat load of hits

    dir c:\MicrosoftEdge.exe /A/B/S

in a command window should give you many
And then knowing which one “works” is the trick

Anyone found or know a nicer way to do this ?

If it’s one of the standard included apps, this list should help.


I’d stumbled on some of this but … what a pain in the arse
Now since I cant just run a command based on the path to a folderitem like I would for Chrome etc
I’ll probably need a “RunnableItem” type which may hold either a folderitem for which a command to run it can be derived OR a URI which requires a different mechanism to run