Stackoverflow 2023 Developers Survey results are out and make for an interesting read!

Check it out here: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023


Yeah we had discussed some take aways of it like this

Their surveys are interesting esp since they slice & dice responses in many ways

at least the discussion about the interest in xojo of the majority of the programmers should now be ended up. … :slight_smile:

I cant find that Xojo is mentioned anywhere in their survey
Out of 90+K developers there either arent enough responses to measure or there were none

Not in

or anywhere else

Now that could lao sb because SO isnt a place many Xojo questions get asked so no Xojo devs hang out there or post there. I found 382 topics tagged Xojo when searching SO - thats very very very few posts

They may have omitted developers in Antarctica.


The Xojo community is so small that Stack Overflow isn’t a good resource. Most Xojo developers tend to hang around on the the Xojo Forum because it’s about the only place to ask Xojo related questions and get any responses and obviously searching the Xojo forum will get many more hits. My guess is that if you looked at the SO responses they’re mostly from people we know.

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Yes most do seem to be

isn’t Xojo low / no code now? :slight_smile:

For that matter WinDev is also not mentions anywhere but still it has quite a huge fan following and paying users.

As per another forum Delphi hardly managed to get mentioned in this survey in-spite of having around 1.3 million or so paying users.

If Xojo mention needs to come up in this Survey then next time when this survey is posted all Xojo developers should participate in it and hope to see Xojo being mentioned in the Survey results.

I’m guessing WinDev and Delphi have forums that are better for them than Stack Overflow. Since I’m using Go I’m hitting SO more now. I NEVER visited it when using Xojo full-time.


But to speak truths: SO is more efficient than Xojo Forum if you ask me about

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Oh I expect the results in that survey are skewed towards certain tools that DO use SO a LOT

Xojo isnt one of those for whatever reason
Neither are many others