SpriteKit animation

Anyone know anything about SpriteKit animation? (Swift or ObjC)

I have a simple animation using an Atlas, that is a “spinning coin”… but I need to “stop” the spinning under certain circumstances… This is done by setting its “isPaused” property to true.

This works fine… but depending on exactly when in the animation cycle it is paused, the image is an edge on view and can’t be seen well… What I would like to do it display a specifc frame of the animation anytime it is paused. But so far I can’t find anything to accomplish this :frowning:
coin5_1 coin5_2 coin5_3 coin5_4 coin5_5 coin5_6

well I figured out “A” way to do it… am hoping there is a better one…

to Stop I remove all actions and reset the Texture to a static one.
to Start I reinstall the animation “actions”