Since Geoff says "file a feature request"

Heres my latest
A Xojo “Snow leopard” release

I’d love to see it, but based on his comments I can’t see it ever happening because features get more votes than bugs apparently.

hence why this IS a feature request and if we ll upvote it
Its already at 148 :stuck_out_tongue:

seems I have ZERO points to apply :frowning:

put it in your top 5 list any way
lots of point + lots of people would be good

Don’t get me wrong, I have it as my number 1 (adding a whopping 10 points).

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Get’s my vote Norm.

I’d apply my Zero points except for this: image

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I added 75 points to it.

And I’d like to comment, that it doesn’t need free of new features. To quote myself:

Geoff said some things for future releases made good progress while r1 used so much time to finish. So I expect something new is ready for r2. Add a few new things for Web and a dozen older bugs fixed for compiler/desktop and we could be very happy.

My guess was he wants to get API 2.0 out the door for all the platforms so API2.0 iOS is slated for r2.

And one hour later already in the Top 20 :wink:

It certainly should show Xojo that’s a request that many would like to see… even though it wouldn’t surprise me if they come up with some excuse for this request, too…

Pile on folks … if the answer is “use the system” then we use the system to say “this IS what we really want” :slight_smile:


Now 16th. :slightly_smiling_face:

just put this case to my top 10 and the ranking is 13 now

Exactly, if you folks dont act, you will never get.

Looks like Geoff saw your illustration. In his closure of that ticket he is literally using almost every non-solving kind of reply listed.

Well isn’t that special…



closed as Not Actionable :frowning:

disappointed doesnt say enough :frowning:

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This case has been closed because Norman submitted it


but hey 61896 is still OPEN :slight_smile: