Should Xojo ditch the TextArea and TextField?

Well, other tools like B4X implement this years ago and, there are lots of points to do that. Share almost all the code with the base class but use the #If Then to fine tune platform specific features.

And they do it for desktop, iOS and Android, so, you can have a single codebase with access to platform specific features.

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Right do drag & drop instances of the base class and at runtime they are the platform one
Where’s the difference ?

There are other ways they could do this - its only one idea for it

For some kind of objects, it would work. In the buttons example, there are no base class with sub classes.
Well, we can do it per project…

IF the hierarchy was as I suggested


then adding a new platform could be as simple as adding a new subclass that, at runtime is whats used

For whatever unknown reason, we are in fact talking about the same thing :wink:. I just didn’t noticed your suggestion was like mine. Weird…