Shortest Keynote In History

That keynote was…um…special in all the wrong ways.


:white_check_mark: Read a brief history of the company
:white_check_mark: Narrate the roadmap
:white_check_mark: Organised another $1000+ gathering with limited spaces
:white_check_mark: Told us we could go now, ironically, many have
:white_check_mark: Take 2-3 years to come up with that

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I think they need to watch Apples past Developer Conferences and base them more on that than whatever the **** today’s keynote was.

Well, Geoff had the audience to talk about what they want to deliver this year and give some details. Yes, half of the time could show feature in the market to recap them. But then I would have liked to see some of the roadmap features in-development demonstrated.

Like a cool move would be to show something on Windows and later reveal that this demo was using Windows on ARM and the debugged app was already running natively on ARM. Same for a Xojo for Web demo, that could have already be running on an ARM based Linux server. That would have been a nice, especially as those two things are the first two items on the roadmap and should be progressed much already.

Well, tomorrow Paul can show the current state of Android. Pre-release testers know what’s available, but the wider audience may be surprised to see what works already.

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for Android, I would be surprised if there remains a “wider audience” that even cares anymore?

That train left the station long ago… and there are many more stable, complete solutions available

They should dump mobile , they just can’t do it… place those efforts somewhere else (and I don’t mean find more shit to rename)


I’d be surprised if there’s anyone that cares anymore . I think most people just see it as a failure and broken promise.

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Like 100 people following the long awaited Keynote… Many of them were users that no longer renew their licences expecting a glance of hope for the product…

That is worrying


And based on forum feedback they’re already apologizing for the keynote. They’re saying they should have called it an Intro or Welcome video.

Um…yeah, hindsight is always 20/20 but that was embarrassing. I will add, IMO, since I’m sure they worked hard on it and several people gave their approval to release it. It just didn’t satisfy anything I wanted to see or hear about. They didn’t show me anything new or really give me any information I didn’t already know.

It perfectly typifies the issues Xojo has as a product and a company in one 6:57 video.


Did Xojo cut a bunch of sessions?


Looks like it

They cut the session I submitted for some reason…

The Rise and Fall of RealBasic/RealStudio/Xojo"

For the record, I am interested in Xojo Android. At least to some degree. My customers want an iOS and Android version. But after having to create a stupid-simple iOS app for a client, that will likely never be a reality. Xojo iOS is just too far from useful, and I don’t expect Android to be any different.

surprised that if client wanted/needed it you haven’t done it with something else already

Is it more a “nice to have” than a “must have” ?

I don’t really know. I was instructed to make it with Xojo.

Ah ok
They’re very patient waiting for an android version to be possible obviously

Oh, no. For that project Android was not a requirement. It was iOS only, it was to be used for 3-4 trade shows, then thrown away and never looked at again. “Good” definitely wasn’t a requirement.

Have the last few years taught you nothing? The imperative word is “SHOULD” … followed by a “… but hasn’t” …

Personally I’d prefer holding off the “here’s what’s in progress” type demos until its ready to ship

Here’s the demo. Oh you can have this next week/month

If things arent that close continual “demos” seem like not much progress has been made
Just look at the prior 3+ years of Android progress demos

Well, at this point after 2022r1 shipped and the 2022r2 beta is to start in a few weeks, it may not have hurt to show up what r2 contains and what is in alpha for r3. Of course things may move by a quarter when they are not ready. But so does Apple for WWDC. They show stuff they are at beta stage at the conference and then ship things as they get ready, sometimes far into spring of the following year.

Also half of the keynote could repeat what they made in the last year and show something in live action. Basically my MBS keynote is a recap of what I did the last year for MBS Plugins to get you all up to date.