Sharing project items in 2022

I dont EVER expect the cases 3624 and 8265 to be solved WITHOUT a completely new format (and subsequent complete revamp of file IO for Xojo)

Exactly. That’s why I actually think multiple products might be more likely since we have workers. Xojo is already capable of compiling multiple products and segregating project items. So (in theory, it’s been a while for me) it’d be mostly IDE work. I don’t mean to make light of it, it’d be a ton of work. But if I were the one doing the work, I think that’s the route I’d push for.

the multi - project would be the most useful
lots of IDE changes as it disallows things with the same name at the same path in the project
it really needs to allow that and see they wont be “the same item in the same built target” based on compat flags
but compat flags, done better, would permit a lot of this
its JUST a ton of IDE work :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, back to visual studio in 2014 :partying_face: :partying_face:

I really miss many of the B4X here, easy to share multiplatform code, Conditional compiling, same classes for Desktop and mobile (controls), etc, etc

IDK, currently the IDE is not know by its speed, cramming more proyects in the same instance…

The multi project is just one way to make code sharing easier
Its far from the only one

Rewriting the text file format could also make it possible without having to go down the multi-project path

I say rewrite because the current format has issues that will likely prevent it from being possible to share modules that contain other modules & classes easily

Honestly, both should happen.

while it would be nice I dont see it happening any time soon given current priorities

Yeah the current priority seems to be more platforms, not cross platform.


it is a clear and real Multi Platform strategy. Not a Cross Platform strategy.

That’s a Pro level feature being requested.

They are not Xojo’s target group.

And beginners don’t need that.

Shouldn’t everyone know that by now?

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The prerequisite to know that definitely is that they have no hesitations to tell people that they are a full professional and full blown programming environment. Pff.