Seems they jumped the gun a little bit …

Swift and ObjC both do via Xcode… and while they are not “goto” labels… I use them to visually index things…

THIS. Over and over Xojo says they know better. They ship and have to revisit.

WTF is the point of MVPs???

I’ve always wondered why they don’t just use the beta channel as the focus group. It’s much larger and has a good portion of the active users. Instead it seems to be a glorified beta bug reporter, when it could be a place for the company to dialog with its most engaged users. It’d be nice to see them ask a question every now and then, instead of wasting time developing a feature and waiting for the tumult to find out folks aren’t on board.


And forum police.

Xojo doesn’t dialog with customer… why should they… they already know what is best…

There could eventually be a time where they’ll realise how wrong they were, e.g. if there are only 2 guys left having a current Xojo licence… or not… :man_shrugging:

Say if you toggle this for one method, along with having a global preference switch, either:
1: switching back the preference switch would override the specific method’s setting
2: or if the IDE is “smart enough” to ignore customised methods’ settings, how can you change your mind and, later, decide you want all methods everywhere to be like your options in the preferences?
I’m not sure it’d be ideal :thinking:

Why limit yourself to TWO choices? Have you heard of PopupMenus? :stuck_out_tongue:

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yup my MPLABX compiler has them, I don’t take much notice of them except if collaborating and someone wants to know what line of code to refer to at that point in the development.

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The mvp’s happened AFTER they got beaten up over the API 2 changes
It seemed to be a way to reduce the amount of feedback they were trying to deal with since there was SO much blowback about event & property renames
While I’d have hoped that might have told them “this is a BIG deal and NOT welcome” they took a different tack and decided to listen to fewer people apparently

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I’d have the preference be the “default way a code editor opens” always
The toggle would just let me hide them IN the specific editor I’m working in
If i close that editor and reopen it I get it set up as default

Reasonably simple