RS2012 - toolbox icons

was there a way to change the display of the toolbox pane like there is in Xojo?

Large vs Small icons, with/out Labels?

Mac? Win? Linux?

with plugin allowed?

I think he means in the IDE

theres a menu choice in the library for that
one sec
Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 2.24.04 PM

yes I do

RS2012… .not Xojo

my bad

I have this niggling feeling the answer is yes just dont have that in a VM I can look

I think the answer is no (I just fired up RS2012 R1.2)

Thanks… that is what I expected…

Yes. Right-click in the toolbar.

That affects the tool bar only as far as I recall

I think Daves was wondering about the “library” of controls but I dont recall there being a means to change its display

Ah, sorry, I didn’t realize what Dave meant by “Toolbox”.

Sorry for the confusion…
Yes… the left side [Object,BevelButton,Canvas etc]

In Xojo these can be Large, Small and with or without labels

Dont be sorry
I could be wrong about what he meant