REST API suggestions

…in your opinion. He specifically asked about it… I gave mine.


thank you :grinning:

yeah yeah Master, only you knows what’s good and bad lol

but haven’t you learn during all those years, that one can use many tools depending on what’s needed ?

I will never use java on back-end like it or not, it’s for old people. try to convince a 20s old to use java lol.

and stop trashing everything you don"t know, including xojo, it’s boring

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“With respect to the above test results, it might be apparent Golang is more performant than Quarkus in concurrent scenarios and it might be a better fit in high concurrency and very low latency requirement scenarios.”

and like it or not, just reviewed some backend stuff, i’m considering using supabase, just read doc, for realtime dbs, even if you think it’s “half baked” lol

Wow, judging a tool by age, real “PRO” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nowadays Java is still on the top most used for backend and talking about backend… Xojo is a complete joke there. Sure, juggling many instances with a lot of extra resources can compare to a single java server. Even one made on B4X

Dazu I guess you forgot the manors you should have here. At least you act like you don’t. And second: things are not becoming true while you say it or believe it. That’s it.

use what you want. It does not interrogate me. I am not interested in what you are using. While you think Java is for old people: the most programmers using it. Are ll of them old people? Wow. You are not the middle of the planet. And about knowledge: calm down, you should learn a bit.

oh I have employees which love Java and they are in their beginning. Earning much more than others. So. I guess they are stupid.

Java is the most powerful language and the worlds most used one. Amazon, Google, Facebook, they are all outdated following to that what you said. Dale, I am sorry but you lost your contact to reality.

thank you. I will check your suggestions out.


supabase is quite cool, indeed. But I suggest doing due diligence (of course depending on your project needs). Supabase has big strength in its very intuitive dashboard for editing your database, managing your users etc. When I used it, this dashboard was only available on their cloud, with no chance of self-hosting, and that part was closed source too. This might have changed, but I doubt it.

This can be no big deal for many, but it was a show stopper for my requirements.

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GraphQL and REST is like comparing SQL to noSQL databases. Both have their pro and cons, there is not any “one is better than the other” IMHO. If you consider monitoring and caching capabilities, authorization and permission management, overhead and ease of getting started, it is probably easier to start with REST, regardless that the OP specifically asked for REST.

I’ve posted the link for self hosted instruction on git above

I wondn’t be mentionning it if it wasn’t self hosted possible

It’s a common startegy we’ve seen elsewhere, the propose first their product in the cloud with management and after 1-2 years after they make customers/money, they put it on git for people who would never use it otherwise, to expand their user base.

Didn’t say one was better, it’s just the OP is not devops for forbes 500 IT to deal with multitable relations over different servers i guess.
Graphql is more readable and i just read that a new format like graphql the sequel, might be next.
I do graphql over postgres, i dropped rest/mongo

Only to mention one big difference between Supabase and the others:

adding to that: yes, we have a self hosted but functional limited one. And that I have tested today. Okay, use it. But it is not fully functional. And not open Source.

Your computation between GO and Java isn’t correct. Following the right designs your GO server will not be faster. As example: compile with Graalvm to a native image. Then compare. And see what is the rest. Never compare two so different animals.

Lol it is not me, you are so eager to contradict me, it’s a medium post
Like they say : don’t shot the messenger
If you search google quarkus vs golang you will find a test from a java dev in medium too.
This is not an interest for me anyway

Try to be friendly Dalu. And start to realize that you are not the midpoint of the universe. There are many good points not to use your suggestion. If it is tasty for you or not.

Try java compiled with Graal and the situation differs while there is no JVM anymore. Sure you’d know that :relaxed:

True, but the Dashboard is cloud only and closed source. Common strategy indeed.

I like JSON-RPC, it feels more like a regular function call.

    // elements used for routing to the appropriate function ...
    "service": "serviceName", 
    "method": "methodName", 
    // and the parameters to pass to the function ...
    "params": { "name1": "value1", ... },
    // a way of linking a request & response ...
    "id": "ABC123"


    "id": "ABC123",
    "error": null,
    "response": "Whatever"