Refresh GUI does not work

from TOF

could you use DoEvents judiciously ?
very very very carefully maybe as it will allow the current event loop to run
but you have to really be careful not to get events from serials sockets etc otherwise you can end up with weird bugs
Would be useful to have a “do events and DO not poll sockets & serials”

No. I also don’t understand why DoEvents still is available in the language.

I also haven’t see the mentioned problems with refresh.

It has VERY limited uses in Desktop type apps
But it does have uses

Probably should have been limited to console apps when it came out but its been there so long that removing it might cause havoc

The reason I asked that was that I don’t have the MBS plugins…That said I have not seen the issue. I was asking if I did.


yes - if you are careful about using it you can
If you do not use sockets or serial connections then things should be OK

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Sounds like a feature request that would get ignored…



depends on who submits it I guess

Unless you like the taste (and feeling) of the concrete wall, no pont in keep banging against it.

give em to me and we’ll see

personally I figure if I have 1000 open bug reports that might make things embarassing