Reddit and Xojo similarities

Another one… I am beginning to sense a pattern here. Reddit CEO says that customer protests will pass, which is what Geoff said. Any complaints can be ignored, because they’ll eventually go away.

I guess that’s how you do business, build a customer base and then screw it.

Well, it is not similar. Reddit CEO made an actual analisis and dound that they could charge more to certain users, and it was fully aware of the user frustrations that his desitions will cause. But at the end his product has enough user base to actually succed with this move (at least in theory)

The other one… Thinks he kenows what users want and make changes on a wimp with lots of problems for the users and neglegible benefits.

Definitely similarities

Both figure “the storm will pass”
Maybe it will
Maybe it wont
But what shape will either company be left in once it does ?

I get they need to make money to survive
Both do
But some changes are so negative that they hurt revenue rather than drive it (Hello. Elon. Anyone listening there ?)

I’m not a reddit user so have no skin in it there

But I’m sure things will shakes out
For both
And users will suffer in the mean time

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