Recovering your lists from Feedback

IF you had created lists in feedback to help you & team members track cases you may not be totally out of luck

CLOUD shared lists are gone
I did ask for Xojo to enable READ ONLY access to the old feedback cases so we could get lists ion those & then go back & upvote all those cases - again

However IF you had local lists then you can recover those from the feedback app support db it kept for such things
Mine is in
/Users/npalardy/Library/Application Support/Xojo/Feedback/Profiles/

Open that sqlite file & inside are 2 relevant tables

  1. Folders which is just the names of folders & their IDs
  2. Folder_contents which holds the folder id & old feedback case #other

once you have those you can take the case #'s and find the cases in the new feedback system with a url like **<case # here !>**

And you can upvote your cases you had tracked before


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Yeah I saw that - maybe lots of upvotes on that will convince them otherwise


FWIW I have requested mine

Curious if anyone else had lists they have asked to recover ?