Recommendations Needed

that is not true.
Django is widely used framework for very sophisticated web apps.

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I personally wouldn’t use a typical RAD environment for business apps anymore.
It always starts promising, but it’s more likely that it ends in a desaster.

My suggestion: use something widely used and heavily maintained like

  • Django/Python
  • NestJS/Typescript with TypoORM
  • PHP with Zend or Laravel

We should stoo recommend esoteric environments for serious business applications

Sure but you wouldn’t start by writing every last bit of what you need for any of these tools by yourself. You’d use whatever libraries & frameworks classes etc you could

Which really isn’t much different than picking something like Vaadin or one of the other tools thats got a decent history, decent support, lots of users, etc

IF they suit your needs of course
Not every tool is a perfect fit for every need

Not really scalable. And not to await that it is reliable. Until now many changes in framework. Will grow up. Possibly. But it is not now. For people which write Web Apps for Websites and not for other purposes: they will be redesigned anyhow after a few years and the platform. Too much risk inside for me. I am never again risking my existence. Working with Java is the right way. Vaadin as framework is no RAD but it is a full Web framework. And that’s what I want to have to develop.

but you have some which are fitting for almost every need. That’s the point on it.

not scalable at all, it is a good thing that this unknown sites have only a very few users to deal with


Then develop with it. It is not what you expect. But: I have learned that you know it better than me so: I will not try to hold you. It is a real complex framework. the scalability is complex as heck. I will look for your results in a year.