PureBasic 6.0 hits Beta ( now also targets M1 & Pi )

… and now the PB IDE runs on Raspberry Pi too.

See here for more details


I needed to write a command line program and was going to do with it java as I have been learning that the last couple of months. But, I decided java is not the best choice for that so I dusted off my Purebasic license to give that a try. I’ve always thought their syntax was a bit weird(and not object oriented) and I don’t like how it handles database access… you cannot have one connection with multiple result sets. If you want to work with multiple result sets at once, you have to open a connection for each one.

But, the compiler is extremely fast, and it does produce small executables, perfect for a command line utility. Right tool for the right job.

Haven’t done a GUI app with it so I cannot comment on that.

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I think that is like a transpiler for C, sintax is weird because still has some C like logic but with the Basic keywords :thinking:

Transpiling to C is a new feature ( and hence the new targets ) so it’s not the reason for the syntax being the way it is. It is a procedural language though so there are aspects that feel similar to C.

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I like PureBasic a lot … thanks for the heads up :sunglasses::+1: