Problem movenext and moveprevious

Hello everybody. I have a software, with the connection to an access database via odbc, I cannot move back and forth in the record. It’s normal ? Is it a bug? There is a solution ?

If I recall correctly ODBC does not support Move reverse. Forward only.

So can I just go on?

Xojo claims ODBC supports all methods
BUT it may be a limitation of the database

I have a global rows, and I display the data on some txtfields … I would like to move back and forth for the records, displaying the data from time to time. Isn’t that possible then? I have noticed that Xojo is not well developed when it comes to the access database.

as Norman said… not all databases support MoveBack, or MoveFirst

SQLite DOES, others may or may not

What type of database for ODBC?

I think is MS Access.

only movenext works with all databases
but you can rethink the way you access your datas so that you don’t need to go backwards
there is always an sql query that will get all the datas you need without going backwards.
and doing this, across a remote database you will get a faster response.

If Xojo really implement both in the ODBC…

Maybe there is a problem in the way you are creating the connection, Access has the two types of Recordset, The normal (MoveNext and MovePrev ) and the forwardOnly.