Predictions for Xojo CONNECT 2020

I imagine there’s no chance that Xojo Inc would allow such a speculative thread on the official forum so I thought why not have one here?

What are people’s predictions / hopes for this years Xojo conference?

We know that they’ll be a demo of Web 2.0 but will there be an alpha / beta release to the prerelease testers afterwards or will it be just a hands-on play for the few at the conference and then nothing for months?

Will iOS API 2.0 make an appearance in a beta this month?

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At a UK Xojo meeting yesterday Geoff P. demo’ed a brand new feature in a running app with XojoScript. The app had a canvas above and a TextArea below. As Geoff typed XojoScript into the TextArea it displayed “Syntax Error” above until the code was complete ie it was rendering on each keystroke. He wrote code to adjust the graphics property ‘g’ to set the colour and draw a rectangle and some text in real time.

How is that a brand new feature? Was it not just interpreting the XojoScript at each key press?

As with most all software products, it will ship when it’s ready (or at least passable, given their history :wink:). I’m sure they hope to be able to release the beta version then, but it just depends.

On a related note, I wonder how many are backing out of attending due to COVID-19? Also, I assume that the tornado damage didn’t affect the hotel - haven’t heard anything otherwise.

I hadn’t considered the Covid19 angle. If it continues to escalate - perhaps people will reconsider / be forced to change their plans. Here’s hoping that’s not the case.

The hotel is untouched according to Geoff.

thats not new features
new use of existing features maybe
matt combatti has an entire set up that will let you draw a UI and interact with it - all using xojoscript - thats been around for years

EDIT : FWIW I have a system in development that also makes extensive use of Xojo Script. But, these scripts are so large that there is a measurable delay compiling them just to get to the point you could see “Syntax error”
Doing that on every keystroke would make the current editor seem VERY speedy

EDIT 2 : predictions ? A demo of the IDE and Web 2.0 - thats already a given (Xojo said they’d be showing this) I expect an alpha is already in MVP’s hands so I’d expect beta’s will be available to attendees.
Android - in some form will be shown. Probably much more useful than what they have shown previously - but not an alpha/beta release.
Beyond that I’m not expecting anything else significant

The XDC Android app was written in Xojo

I just am not sure they are going to be at the point they are going to release and alpha/beta of Android. I’m not expecting anything more than demos of their current progress with an alpha/abeta later this year.

They will definitely not be releasing a beta of Android.

I’m crossing my fingers for prerelease access to Web 2.0 and (more importantly for me) iOS API 2.0.

iOS API 2 puzzles me since iOS doesnt use string, memoryblock etc and the point of API 2 is to make things “consistent”
There seems to be a pile more work required to make iOS API 2 unless all they do is rename methods/events and do not touch the parameters and types

Perhaps what Xojo calls a STRING and what iOS/Swift call a String are internally different, but STRING is most decidely a “Swift” datatype… And the String library I posted a week or so ago illustrates most if not all of the String Functions supported by Xojo

Not sure if it’s relevant but for a while now you haven’t been able to use String as a class name in iOS. The IDE warns that it’s a data type. This frustrated me as it made it impossible to create a shill class (ie a class named String that basically wraps Text functionality using String methods to facilitate cross platform development).