Oh dear gawd

oh dear god

not a direct answer to your questions, but Xojo is Object Oriented Programming all the way, event an integer variable is an object. VB6 was not OOP.

no no no no no no

integers are NOT objects of ANY kind
integers are NOT REFERENCE types (in Xojo every object IS a reference type - and there are a couple others that are reference types as well that are not “objects”)
neither are colors or booleans or doubles or any of the sized integers

someone PLEASE do me a favour & point this out

Norman, I found my own method to handle that kind of feelings: Get on your knees in front of your table, open your mouth, fit it as deep as you can to the edge of the table and start to bite it.

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Your friendly-neighborhood Xojo MVP (who obviously reads this forum too) has done it for you Norman! Just a shame he did not mention the source of his insight… :grin:

Is it me or has the quality of answers gone down noticeably? Same with the follow on question about threedimensional arrays - is nobody capable of giving a simple answer? Or do they not understand the question? :man_facepalming:

Maybe someone can point the poor guy to Arrays - Xojo Documentation

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They do not understand both: the question and the possible solution. But they have hope. You’ll be back soon. :slight_smile:

I have gotten in the habit of going to TOF and reading the questions and answers anytime I need a good laugh or a good cry… because yes… in my opinion is is sliding downhill, but considering the outlook the company has, does this surprise anyone?

@thorstenstueker as to biting the table… why damage perfectly good furniture? or store bought teeth?

Except he pointed him to a data types page that tells you nothing about VALUE types and REFERENCE types

However it looks like some one did write a post or two about this :slight_smile: