Off topic re : Gregs free code

Even if I would spare hundret years of Development: I would never use Code from a person which is acting like he is.

oh I had a few really interesting converations. He was fully on the banning line with others together. He is not better than the others also. Sorry.

I remember that I was all in favour too :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, you also wanted to kick me away. While you thought that I am wrong. That’s okay. He did know that I am not.

I didn’t know at that time that you are as tall as I am, sorry :slight_smile:

would that knowledge change anything? :slight_smile:

not any longer, I had enough time to train my running capabilities :slight_smile:

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Not my experience but we are different people with different histories & relationships so …

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Yes. It was that time so I guess that the CEO wanted that behavior. What ever. And possibly I was also a bit p…ed of. I am also definitely not perfect like all of us. But hey, it was happened in that times.

This type of comments is not making anything good. And it makes this site loosing it’s purpose in my opinion. You should know better than making comments like that, what good comes out of it for the readers? If you where my son I had told you to apology and behave but since you are old enough you can tell yourself to do that.

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As far as I know: you are NOT my father. And by the way, I am old enough to know what I am doing. When and if somebody is acting for the company he is working for he always has to act so that it is not damageing others. The behavior is the right point like you now can see. As I was harmed in a maximum way I have not to apologize when people where part of that group taking care that I can’t say anything about that situation anymore. So why should I apologize? While I would not use one line of his code? Sorry, for that I do not have to apologize. It is a question of honor. When somebody was attacking you there is no way back after you tried to get a normal conversation with that persons. So sorry that you feel so. But indeed no need for telling me as your virtual son what to do.

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Greg ???
I dont quite get what you mean “a person which is acting like he is.” ?

He’s just like me
Trying to make a living
That means doing what you know
And right now, like me, that’s Xojo
He & I spent nearly a decade there together

I’m sure he’d like to be doing something else
As I would
But clients ask for what they ask for so he and I fulfill those requests

what ever. Like youhave this right to do I have the right not to look even on code from people which where integrated in that process. But it is okay. Sad that it is like it is. Not more, not less. So I guess, after you made this off topic thread from it: you can even delete it. It lost it’s entire connections. Thanks for it.

your post was off topic so I moved it to an off topic thread

you have every right to your opinion

it just doesnt need to be derailing threads

I will remember you next time that is happened with an answer of another people. You may remember then.

I tend to think that whatever was said as a Xojo employee (i.e. company line) is not indicative of what that person really felt. But whatever.


True bob. But still. I have never done it like this and I would never.