NSBox margins

ok… sigh… anyone know how to remove the margins on an NSBox… .seems you set it to 100x100 and its like 94x94 (there are 6pixels of indent around the contents.)

I thought about moving it 3px to the left, and make it 6px wider, but then I have to add a ton of overhead to properly calculate new positions if it moves etc…

Isn’t that the contentViewMargins property?

That is what I would have thought, but no matter what value I set that to, nothing changes :frowning:

and that sounds line an INNER MARGIN… I’m talking a 3px margin on the OUTSIDE

	self.contentViewMargins = NSSize(width:0,height:0)

first line sets the distance from the border inwards towards the contentview
second line moves things to the designated outter frame. but you seem to lose the border then