No more

… domain name expired … :cry:

Can’t say I’m surprised TBH. Still sad though.

Bob warned us that such thing was coming.

indeed he did some time ago
Sad to see though after all these years

Bob changed his live.
Now he has a nice RV and can tour the country.
As an employee with working from home and a moving home, he can now be anywhere he likes. I hope Bob can post pictures on Facebook regularly :slight_smile:
How long till Bob visited all 50 states?

Be a bit of a job getting the rv to Alaska, let alone Hawaii.
How come the USA never invaded and took over Western Canada, the way they did a lot of Mexico?

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Maybe skip Hawaii, but driving to Vancouver and then continue to Alaska should be possible.

Where on FaceBook?


Thanks for the kind words and thanks for reading the blog for so many years.

Yes, we are in the process of selling our house to live full-time in an RV. Have internet can travel and work. Here’s a pano of the living room that we took last week on our maiden voyage. We go full-time at the end of next week!


It is
My parents did it
But you dont go to Vancouver

Nice Bob, I’m glad you’ve landed on your feet after the change, the RV looks lush. All the best for the travels.

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I can’t believe this is a RV… Much nicer and more spacious than some apartments I’ve rented for sure.

I just check… I have a backup of bob’s pdf up until 22th May 2021. 734 pdfs.

@bkeeney did u have anymore article after 22th may??

Nothing of importance.

Certainly nicer and bigger than most of my apartments when I lived in Chicago.


That’s bigger than my house! Nice.

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My exact same thoughts. That RV is sweet and posh.

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Waaaay to posh. He should be roughing it … :smiling_imp:

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