Newbie Swift question

SwiftUI looks very interesting. I love the idea of allowing both drag/drop UI creation/modification AND code UI creation/modification.
It seems though, that even though SwiftUI is supported on Xcode 11.3 (I’m on Mojave), I can’t seem to create a cross-platform SwiftUI for iOS AND MacOS. As soon as I add MacOS as a target, it complains that Xcode 11.5 is needed.

I haven’t cracked the SwiftUI nut yet… can’t seem to relate “scenes” to “viewcontrollers”… So all my Swift (both macOS and iOS) are based on templates I made a while back… But then I also don’t use Interface Builder (too restrictive), and everything I do is in code.

I think your project would actually lend itself well to working with both MacOS by creating SwiftUI code, and Windows by creating XAML code.
I’m going to look into seeing what it’s like to convert SwiftUI code to XAML or XAML to SwiftUI code. Would be an interesting experiment.

Not familiar with XAML, but would be interested to see where you head with this.

Right now my intent is to directly create an XCode project for either macOS, iOS and/or possibly AppleTV. I pretty much have 90% of a translator to convert most of a BASIC oriented script to a Swift based one (see other topic in this forum)

Copy. I get the impression you’re not using SwiftUI?

That would be a true statement… at least for the time being :slight_smile:

FYI… The major reason I have not investigated SwiftUI, is it is new to Xcode 11.4(5?) and Catalina… neither of which I have any plans on activating in the near future…

I have managed to patch Xcode11.3 to allow me to deploy iOS apps on real devices running iOS 13.5

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