New Modern XML plugin

I suggested this one to Christian


It’s great that MBS is adding it’s own XML plugin. It’s sad that Xojo is still using an ancient version and hasn’t updated it…ever? Or at least I don’t remember any upgrades in the last 15 or so years. They could have, but I don’t use XML very often so I might have missed an upgrade.

Basic functionality being added by a 3rd party. But then this happens all the time. I shouldn’t be surprised any more.

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instead we get opening, desktoplistbox, etc
and all the new bugs those have brought along with them

This year I found a sugestion on the other forum to use XQL, found a perfect query on github, try it and… Didnt work…

Xojo has the 1999 1.0 version… The query needed at least the 2.0 from 2007 (15 years old but xojo has being bussy renaming things instead :roll_eyes:)

Let me know what is missing or could be different on the API.

This is still work in progress.

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