New MacBook Air v MacBook Pro

Like everyone: avoid low interest machines / best for my hard owned bucks…

As I already say, I am not in the buy mode (yet). Maybe next year.

As an example, the “6 in 1” bar I get (USB A, HDMI, Ethernet) was a real bad choice. Each time I move a little bit my laptop (on a desk), the hard disk is ejected (or so…). (this is on a M1 MacBook Pro 13").

The slower SSDs are being used on the baseline M2 models (including the Pro models). Most people may not notice, but it still sucks.

Yes, true but it is not that bad. Exactly that’s the point. Comparing to Intel based computers in that price region the ssd is fast enough

Most of the comparisons have been between M1 and M2 models.

some hours later, I am reading the article (link above) and I noticed:

The 15-inch model features a 2888 x 1864 resolution with 224 pixels per inch, which is the same pixels per inch you get with the 13-inch ‌MacBook Air‌.
So the pixels are larger ! Better readings for some people…
My MBP m1 screen size is

by default, and larger:
nice to work with, but I better wear special glasses… (3d)…