New error msg after installing Big Sur

For better or worse, I installed Big Sur and started Xojo 2019 r3.1 and ran (haven’t done a build yet - just clicked ‘run’ - and got the following error message for the first time. This app ran clean before.

Linking Executable
ld: file not found: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/UIFoundation.framework/Versions/A/UIFoundation for architecture x86_64

I haven’t installed Xcode yet.

thanks guys,

Try 2019r3.2 it’s working on Big Sur at my side

3.2 has fixed a linier error

Thanks again guys. Can always count on the expertise here to solve a problem.

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You can use older versions of Xojo on Big Sur with a hack. This is sometimes necessary, anyone who needs help with this is welcome to privately message me. Sorry, I was misplaced, it’s on Norman’s blog - I can link that here.


you mean this post ?

That made my day :rofl: