New Android video

Actually the rest of the world.

I’ve never had an app inthe MAS or any Windows store. What I have done to date is custom software solutions, 99% for windows and the odd compile for the Mac user.
At the present time I have been working with Web apps only and I see most of my future work on this line.

My eventual aim is to be solely Web based soon too.

While there are certain advantages of native apps, unless you really need to utilize the hardware on a users machine, web based appears to the most stable way forwards.

That’s why electron (which people seem to hate) is so popular, for the most part you don’t need to worry about platform inconsistencies or bugs on specific versions of a specific platform.

oh christ electron is fat, slow, works weird (ie/ NOT platform standard n so many ways)
so many “weird” things

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That’s the trade off, spending less time having to deal with platform specific issues, or should I say caring about platform specific issues.

Heck, even Apple doesn’t care about platform specific issues any more, just look at their new WWDC app for the Mac.

I can see how an Electron/Cordova combo could be used for many apps

Apple has lost it’s attention to software detail and UI is only a small part of it… that was its biggest strength and differentiator and was what helped justify the premium cost of their hardware.


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Isn’t there ajother company that builds and sold iPhones (beside Apple) ?

There is another company that makes a device with the NAME “iPhone” it is NOT an “iPhone” in regards to what Apple makes… That company is sueing Apple over the name only

That’s it…