.net Maui preview 4

Anyone tried it yet?
Having some issues getting it installed but hope to play with it soon.

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Not yet
Am I mstaken its not integrated with the macOS version of VS yet ?

That is correct.
However, just for testing, I’m using VS2019 for Windows. It creates Desktop Win, MacOS (Native and Catalyst) iOS, Android, Web and Hybrid Web. Hot Reload should be working as well.

Just can’t the fucking thing to install and run. All the videos show the person downloading it, creating a new app from a template and running it. Me? I get tons of errors. Might need to just start a new VM and go from scratch. Somethings very messed up.

There is a tool to check and fix the instalation:

Also that video reminded me, Why xojo keeps telling that it is “IMPOSIBLE” to make iOS apps on Windows if lots of other tools can do it? :roll_eyes:

Yeah, I know all about Maui-check. Been using VS since .NET came out. Maui for some reason is impossible to get working for me. Uno, Avalonia, no problem. No idea what the issue is with Maui on my system…

they dont say its impossible
they dont have on device debugging and rely on the simulators - which do not run on anything other than macOS
you could edit a project
cant compile it
cant sign it
cant test it
on anything other than a mac using Xojo
so why bother ?

IF they had some other mechanism ( like a remote stub on a mac that you could send an iOS project to that would start in the simulator then maybe …)
Signing and such would still be an issue for final builds

At one point during the video, wasn’t the guy’s computer trying to pair with a mac? He quickly cancelled that, but I wonder if that’s something that’s coming.

Well, if you already try the propper tools, when a .NET is stuck, the only way is to reinstall the OS :expressionless:

They do (but blaming others): “It is imposible because apple forbids it”

They already have a full IDE on that side, they even could made a really crude way sending the entire proyect to the mac and let the MAC IDE do all the job.

Yes, that is what remindme this. In other tools like B4i you can work on windows even whithout of a MAC with a remote builder and on device debugging.

Reminds me to Java: I can develop all my Software on one OS Platform with Java Swing and Build the packages later on the platforms for Mac, Linux and Windows. The result: a working executable and installable package which does not even need a JVM extra to be installed (we will not forget that installing dotnet is nothing else than installing a JVM)!

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I can say I have told people exactly what I said before when I worked there
and its still true

The USER themselves may not have the IDE on a Mac - its possible
So dont count on a MAC IDE existing

Lets just say there is possibly something that could be done
Its just more work on their piles

Got it working. It’s beta/preview so I’ll give them some slack.

There’s Android and iOS simulators that run on Windows, and with a connection to a Mac by SSH you can compile Apple builds, but what’s missing is a remote debug/run module for MacOS/Catalyst. No idea if that’s even possible, but then you could build, debug, run, visualize and using hot reload, tweak the UI for all platforms. (Except Linux I guess!)


Ooohhhh nifty !

thoughts so far ? pictures ?

I’d say it’s not ready even for much testing. Buggy as hell, and requires Xcode 11.5 (or whatever the version is that requires Big Sur) to build on Mac, so I’m gonna wait some more.

You can see it working via YT…

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