Need some inspiration for a App Design

First off this app will probably be used only by my family, Second it will be written in Swift for tvOS (not that that affects the design)

I watch TV on various streaming services… And have a heck of a time remembering what show is on what service, what day new episodes drop

I haven’t come up with a viable GUI to handle this that looks good.

The Data I need is simple

  1. Name of the Show
  2. Day of week for new Episodes
  3. The Streaming Service

tvOS is like iOS in that the controls types are somewhat limited (no comboboxs etc)… And tvOS likes BUTTONS and textfields alot

Not that it is important for this question, but tvOS has no database support… so all data needs to be stored in the UserPref file (up to 500K which should be more than enough)

If a design is based on an iPAD in Landscape mode, I could work with that

Have you considered just grabbing JustWatch ?

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I want to track the shows I care about… I have just watch, and its fine if you know a show and want to find out what service its on. I don’t care about episode information, cover-art. Just a reminder of what I care about… Just watch doesn’t do that, (fyi, it iPad version and tvOS version are WAY different)

Sounds like a job for a Calendar app …

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actually closer to a simple TODO list… Calendar doesn’t add any benefit… since other than NEW shows, streaming is a matter of WHERE, not WHEN…


yes? Day of the WEEK… .not a specific Date… and over 50% don’t even have that, as the entire season drops at once

PRIME - MoonHaven - Mondays

The idea is I have a list of the shows I watch… (a dozen or so) I look to see what service (which is the hardest thing to remember)… and if it is Sunday… I know… .Hey Moonhaven has a new episode tommorow

The problem with every app for any platform, it they try to curate EVERYTHING… Its way too much to wade thru, since 98% of it is shows I don’t care about. JustWatch for example is GREAT if you KNOW what show to look for, but it is still unweidy due to the massive amount of data

Come on Dave, what’s the point of “I want the day shown but I don’t want the day shown”? And you KNOW that you can set up an “every Xday” repeat event with start and end date in a Calendar. And the standard Calendar on Macs (and I presume Windows and Linux too) can have multiple specific calendars (eg UK Holidays, Birthdays, Work, SharedWithMyWife, etc) - so what is the problem with adding a custom calendar “TV” and adding your events to that? You have to set them up anyway, so why re-invent the wheel and make something simple complicated? Plus you have the calendar on all devices that support the calendar, and you can share the calendar with other family members and Norman … :wink:

But if you WANT to reinvent the wheel, then look at the calendar app and look at the weekly view - use that. A click on the empty area below will get you a screen that lets you add another show schedule.

And if everything is dumped at once? Just give it a separate color and have it automatically move to the next day until you’ve marked it “watched” … or better have it show all episodes as a subRow (or a row of checkBoxes) and delete the ones that you have watched, and show the remaining episodes in the row (“3 left” or “last watched 7/12” or “currently watching 7/12” if you hadn’t finished it).

Alternatively I can recommend pen & paper - works a treat … :stuck_out_tongue:

Not helpful… but thanks anyways… the DAY is a data element for those entries to which it applies… it does not apply to every one. There is NO DATE information required, so a CALENDAR is inappropirate… Just DAY OF WEEK.

I don’t care to keep track of episodes, there for watched or not watched again is not required

There is no WHEN data, just WHERE (what streaming service has show “X”)

No listbox/grid either?

there is UITableView

So then a three-column scrolling table (Show, Network, Day) with a add/edit/remove mechanism, and optionally sortable by any column.

I assume that tvOS has a similar function to GoogleTV, whereby it shows new episodes of shows you’re watching on the home screen? Simply selecting them takes you to the episode you haven’t seen regardless of network. It doesn’t display episodes you’ve seen already.

Or are you looking to create a sort of personalized TV guide?


This is what I’ve come up with (there is another view with a TABLE of entries)
[colors subject to change]

Here is the “MainScreen”… overall a very simple app… now to write all the logic behind it all