Mouse Tracking outside the box [Swift]

I have a scrollview … this contains a NSVIEW (A), which in turn contains multiple other NSVIEW objects (B,C,D and E)

If I drag any of B-E within the boundaries of (A) all is good, If I drag any of them OUTSIDE, then I can no longer select the object (yes, it has NEG coordiates, which are relative to (A)"

Could it help to convert their positions to the parent of A and insert them into that subview tree?

The hope was to allow the children to be actual children… so the when the parent moved, they moved. So I’m forced to have the “window” and its “children” all on the object tree of the master view, so their coordinates are absolute in the coordinate system of the master, and then if the window object changes size, recalculate all the new coordinates for the children

Did you try to override wantsDefaultClipping?