More Opinions required :)

As many of you know I have been working on an IDE to create Swift apps in a manner similar to how Xojo works. At this time I have a fully operational app (written in Xojo) that creates nice GUI projects for iOS (iPad/iPhone). And had started a version to do macOS projects but written in Swift. The version to do macOS apps had much better interface controls, so I have decided to modify it to do BOTH macOS and iOS GUI projects. Right now I’m at the beginning stages and have the basic IDE working somewhat.

The opinions I would like is

  1. based on the two below screen shots, are there any controls for either platform that are missing, or any that should not be available? Note there are many controls that Xojo doesn’t even offer. Also, do I have any controls shown that are not in the correct “category”?

I want to make sure I have all those things done up front to make it easier to move to the next phase.

IMO, the switch control should not be in the “Indicators” section, as it’s actionable. Possibly better in the “Buttons” sections.
My two cents.

I agree… Thanks… Xojo classifies it as a “picker”… huh?

Nothing says it HAS to be categorized the same as Xojo’s does it ?
Unless you are shooting for a “clone”

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Oh of course not… hence the “huh?”
I want to categorize things “appropriately” :slight_smile:

checkbox & switch should both be in Buttons IMO

You may want to consider adding some of the AppKit’s and UIKit’s “container” controls, such as collectionview, stackview, etc., so that one can can create modern looking iOS/macOS apps, though they require a lot more work, I’m afraid.
Limiting yourself only to the controls that Xojo offers is quite limiting, but I’m sure you’re aware of that.
Unless you want to use this only to convert Xojo apps into Swift apps, of course.

Apart from that, looking at my “Favorites” in Real Studio, I’m missing:

  • Combobox (tricky as it’s a custom thing in Xojo)
  • Thread (for dragging it into a Window as a Control and implement the Run event there)

Overall, I’m impressed what you accomplished so far.

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