MIDI-MAZE [1987] Did anyone else play, and what do you remember

I played the sh*t outta that game on an Atari-ST back in the day, and have been researching it on the Web that past week or so.

What I cannot remember (or find) was, when you Fired a bullet… did you have ONE in the air at a time, and couldnt’ fire again until that one hit a target? Or could you have multiple (and if so how many)

The version I am writing (iPad) use Blue tooth to communicate, so I’m not sure if the app will be able to keep up with the barage of messages required

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The answer is …ONE. If you fire again before that bullet hits something, it vanishes, and the new shot takes its place

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I know the developer. It’s Markus Fritze (along with a friend, IIRC) who lived in Hamburg, Germany. I am still in contact with him. He later worked on audio software for the Mac and also worked California at Apple for a while. If you have any more questions, I can get you in contact with him.

Thanks… not sure I want to bother him with any of this…

I obviously could not even remember the screen layout, although we spent whole weekends crammed together in one of my classmate’s rooms. The electric bill today would instantly kill parents!

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