MBS Curl and Twitter's API 2.0

The MBS examples seem to leverage the old Twitter 1.1 api
But bow that requires yet another application to Twitter to get “enhanced” access to the OLD api (seems odd but …)
And I think what I need to do I can do with the 2.0 API
But the example in MBS is Twitter API 1.1 and I’ve been trying to tweak it to use the 2.0 API without any success so far

Anyone used the Twitter 2.0 API + MBS Curl ?

The example is simply outdated.

sorry, I haven’t played with the API in a long time.
But in the mean time we got SetupOAuth helper function.


Guess I might need to use something more low level and work through it using a lower level function

Well, it may be easier to use an existing framework in python, php or similar and put that on your website to do the stuff and then trigger a script there from your app to post.

Yeah I doubt we’ll go that direction