Maybe be more considerate?

I just read two threads on the official Xojo forum where people asked for help, got advice, replied „But how do I implement that?“ followed shortly after by „Ah, got it now!“ without ever bothering to share the answer/solution for others.

That type of selfishness really grates on my nerves.

Yep. The Xojo forums lack a decent “negative Karma” function.

I tend to dislike the "hey I got it " with no more details posts as well
If you ask a q and do figure it out a post saying “here’s what I did” would be good esp to help out others who might one day have the same issue

Yep. The Xojo forums lack a decent “negative Karma” function.

doesnt have a good positive one either :slight_smile:
the lack of upvote / downvote means a lot of bad advice gets read and followed
there’s no way for others to say “yeah thats bad advice” other than to post saying “yeah thats bad advice” which usually starts a pissing match

upvote / downvote would be so nice

not sure the replacement, flarum, has it
anyone know ?

I think Flarum does. Greg and Geoff both said to me that they were close to moving the Xojo forums to flarum at last year’s XDC. Not sure if that’s still happening…