MacOS Audio Units

Anyone have any clue about these? I’m not finding much in terms of information about how these are created and what to do if one is not “accepted” by a piece of software…

I thought there might be an AU “verification” tool that would give details about an AU that wasn’t compatible, but I can’t find that either.

Basically, I have 3 VSTs that work fine, the AU versions have variable compliance. They are accepted on some DAWs but not on others, and I’d like to figure out what the issue is. The creator of the AUs is not interested in investigating it further (as long as they work on Windows, he’s satisfied), and programs like Logic and GarageBand don’t really have support where you can get this sort of information.

We used audio units with our plugins with customer projects.

in MBS Xojo Plugins.

CoreAudioMBS class also has some methods for audio units.

Thank you, Christian. I have your “complete” package, but I wouldn’t know where to begin to use these the AVAudioUnit objects to determine why an AU is “incompatible”.
Do you have any insight into that?