Looking for a DOOM/QUAKE/WOLFENSTIEN 128x128 Texture

Has anyone seen a version of a texture (128x128) the looks like this, but has AN AMERICAN FLAG?

  • sample image removed

(hope this image didn’t offend anyone. sorry)

Will this one do?


where the h*eck did you find that… I’ve been searching for two day!

I did have to make ONE minor change… it was displayed backwards :slight_smile:


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I’m not American Dave, but it seems to me that if you spin Eugene’s flag counter clockwise 90°, it could be hoisted up a flag pole, and be in the correct orientation.
Where as spinning yours either clockwise or counter clockwise, it would never be in the correct orientation when hoisted up a flag pole. :us: :man_shrugging:

But happy you got what you need. :+1: :innocent:

Eugene produced exactly what I was looking for, the only issue, is when hung in the orientation, the field of blue belongs on the left side… so I just flipped the image…

I am American and have seen vertical flags my entire life and wasn’t sure. Here is vertical US flag etiquette. How to Hang an American Flag Vertically: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

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to me as a casual observer and foreigner to the US, Eugene’s image looks more naturally orientated than your flipped version.
I always associate the US flag in images or pictures looking like this = :us:
So when hung downwards, Eugene’s image looks more correct than your’s.
But no offence meant :innocent:

As a brit it doesn’t matter which way round our flag is presented. :uk:
Back to front, or upside down, it does not matter, but with certain national flags, the orientation is more important, like the US and China for instance.

but the link that @bkeeney has posted has proved me wrong on this one.

Good luck with it, and happy holidays and new year. :partying_face:

Regards Mark

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For an American flag, basically the field of blue is always displayed at the TOP LEFT (same as the litle icon you used above)

The major exception to this rule, is when the flag is a patch on the ARM of a uniform (usually military). Then the field of blue is in the TOP RIGHT to simulate a flag blowing in the wind (ie. the blue is always towards the front of the soldiers body)

Vexillology on a programming forum.
You don’t see that very often. :grinning:
Great Stuff!

Probably gets flagged as off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

ok boo bad joke

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The British flag certainly does and have an up and down. The upside down British flag is different and is wrong. This is correct. Flag poll on left. Upside down the wide white bands on the flag poll side would be at the bottoms.

We’re just as fussy:

Canada too :stuck_out_tongue:


Bad flag jokes will result in your having to serve pennants. :slight_smile:

these jokes are going to lead this thread to be the first one locked on INN :stuck_out_tongue:

Starting 2023, by locking a thread over flag jokes, will make this a banner year.

You started it, Norman :slight_smile:

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That just sounds like “Tag ! You’re it !” :slight_smile: