Linux libraries


how do you linux people check the installed libraries when launching a xojo app ?
did someone make a small method to do that,
and that is willing to share ?

I installed yesterday a fresh linux mint 20 on a virtual machine, then copy xojo in it
xojo launchs fine, seems to work, but will my compiled apps work too ?

If the required libs are missing then your app wont start and you get no chance to check

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I’m guessing that this is for an app you’re planning to distribute?

I have never had a compiled app need a lib that the Xojo IDE does not.

I suspect most linux users know enough to check for missing libs with ldd if an app doesn’t start. But could you make a small helper app that puts up a splash screen and executes a shell command ldd for the main app and then either starts the main app or puts up a message listing the missing libs?

The IDE does seem to be a good test for the Linux libraries since I’m pretty sure it needs to load them to compile against. Although I could be wrong there.

Are you trying to verify a fresh install of only your app has the necessary library support?

Not for me - it was something asked in “that other forum” that of course I cannot answer there but the user that did ask IS also a user here :slight_smile:
I edited my post to include their name so they will be notified

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thanks norman for still answering here something from the other forum !
it was first to try the local docs that are missing on linux, the bug is still here and xojo can’t reproduce it. the original thread is still growing …

I can’t figure out how Greg and Robin don’t see that the local documentation isn’t available. At least William came on and said it was a bug. I’ve never been so mentally invested in a bug for an operating system I don’t use or compile for! LOL

Try this

On linux open the file next to the IDE itself in Xojo Resources > Language Reference XojoLangRef file (its a sqlite db)


Pushed an update that handles links on macOS better
Need to do some work on the Linux side of the house

Contributions welcome !

really nice solution !
btw, does not open correctly the xojo 2013 and 2015 found on my drive (is it realstudio ?)
ok with 16+ versions

ah yeah
I’ll have to code something up for the old versions as they hadnt switched to using a DB yet

I’m not sure this needs to be done, the local LR worked with these versions…

true but I’m thinking maybe I should filer out versions that dont use a local DB as they used HTML files instead