Java Platform Update

Java helps us, to get away from Xojo. My toolchain now for Desktop, Web, IOS and Android is simple: JavaFX with GLUON Mobile and and Scenebuilder for building the needed FXML Files for the Screen Designs. With this Toolchain you can build for all platforms from ONE Coedebase and ten from one Screendesign.
If needed I can also develop single Screens for all platforms.

With Github Actions I am building for all Platforms. Github actions lets you build your Apps for all Platforms on the Platforms by self (Windows, Linux and MAC OS). It is not expensive and really fast.

Upfront Costs

For Development

If you use IntelliJIdea CE and GluonMobile, GluonDesktop and JPro Web you need nothing to pay for.

For Releasing

Releasing Desktop Apps costs 50$ per year, Mobile 500$ per Year. Web has another Licensing Model which costs per Server.

Sounds like deployment quickly gets expensive. What are the web deployment options ?

What support is offered - I read that they don’t have their own forums but use stackoverflow instead - a quick peruse of stackoverflow appears to show most questions asked get very little, if any, response?

eployment for Java Swing Applications you can get for free…be passioned

Yes but you keep mentioning Gluon mobile - I’m trying to understand what the support is like - they have no forums of their own now.

JavaFX needs no additional Supporting. It is not Xojo. Use the Java Support forums around the World. Also for JavaFX. There are thousands of Forums and Millions of users.

Gluon is only a Tool which makes JavaFX available on all platforms from one Code- and one Designbase. So if you only want Desktop: no need for Gluon. If you only want Desktop and Web: no need for Gluon. If you want only Mobile: use Gluon.

That’s it. For Java and JavaFX you may think deployment is expensive. But it is for a solution Xojo is not even able to bring, scalable for ten thousands of users. Xojo can only a few. JPro as is can a few thousand. Depends only on the Hardware you are running on.

So before comparing a high end solution with the Crap Xojo is delivering: there is no comparable situation.

For Xojo alike Solutions for small Web Applications you can even use Jetbrains Projector with Java Swing. For Desktop also.